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VSS Service and Acronis Backup 12

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VSS Service and Acronis Backup 12

Beitragvon Iwawa » 30.10.2016, 18:04

Hi to all,
This is my "scenario":
    I have Installed Esxi 6,02 and vCenter
    I have created more MV, managed from vCenter
    The MV are Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2
    On all VMware is installed VMWare tools
    On a MV (Windows 2008 R2) I have installed the new Management Console of Acronis Backup 12
    From this console I have added the ESXi throught vCenter without problems; I see regularly datastores and VM.
The problem born when I plan the Backups, that always finish with the message that is successfull but with Warning.
I have contacted the Acronis support, that suggest me to disable the service VSS on every MV. In fact, in this way, the backups work fine.
But, and this is my doubt, if I disable VSS, that it is installed by default from VMware Tools, what is the risk? I don't like this solution.
Have You an Idea?

Thank You
Kind Regards[/list]

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Beitragvon JustMe » 31.10.2016, 15:34

Are you sure that you were told to disable VSS, or did you just remove the VSS Provider from VMware Tools?
Or did you execute some completely different steps?

VSS is M$'s Volume Shadow Copy Service. You might want to web-search for it, and the benefits it provides.
Basically, removing VSS interaction with the guest OS results in "crash-consistent" backups, and indicates that neither the guest OS itself nor the running applications will get told (or report) to quiesce their mass storage accesses while the snapshot is taken.

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Beitragvon Iwawa » 31.10.2016, 16:11

the suggested procedure is the following:
  1. from the item VM of menu, install/upgrade VMware Tools
  2. the choice is interactive
  3. VSS service not installed

In this way Acronis work fine.
But, what is the risk if I uninstall VSS

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Beitragvon JustMe » 31.10.2016, 16:18

Please read my previous post again, and follow its suggestions.

Learn about Volume Shadow Copy Service, and once you understand, make your own personal choice.
Until then, you need to rely on the suggestions you get (e.g. from Acronis).

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