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View-client von USB starten ohne Festplatten-zugriff ...

Deskopvirtualisierung und Anwendungsmanagement mit VMware Horizon.

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View-client von USB starten ohne Festplatten-zugriff ...

Beitragvon continuum » 19.06.2009, 02:09

View-client von USB starten ohne Festplatten-zugriff ... Nachbauset ist jetzt fertig

Was user sagen ...

I am currently using a MOA build designed by Ulli at sanbarrow.com that allows us to boot from a 512 MB Flash Drive to connect back to a VMware View server.
This View server is reachable from any public IP. This allows users to boot up without a VPN service to our external VIEW server, check email, run all Applications
that are installed inside the enterprise Image, saving worked on files and data to their network shares, check Calendaring applications,
with no concern that the Operating system could be compromised by viruses or other malware from the users machine.
Login is secured by dual factor authentication.
The MOA build doesn't mount any local hard drives (Everything runs from RAM) and when the user closes the View Client, the host machine powers down.

--Bruce D. Meyer
Network Security Analyst

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