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ThinApp 4.5 erschienen

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ThinApp 4.5 erschienen

Beitragvon primetime » 18.03.2010, 09:17


still und heimlich hat VMware ThinApp 4.5 herausgebracht (ich habe davon zumindest noch nichts mitbekommen).

http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/desk ... hinapp/4_5

The 4.5 release adds the following features to improve usability, performance, and updates:

* Support for Windows Server 2008 R2, 32-bit Windows 7, and 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems.
* ThinApp version updates to incorporate the latest features or support enhancements without rebuilding packages. The relink.exe utility updates existing packages.
* Compression of MSI packages that uses the MSICompressionType parameter to improve the ThinApp SDK performance.
* Reduced memory consumption and page file usage to improve startup performance. The OptimizeFor parameter works with the CompressionType parameter to customize memory performance and startup time.
* Anonymous collection of statistics to expand the support for applications. You can use the Setup Capture wizard or the QualityReportingEnabled parameter to help VMware build support for applications and help you migrate more native applications to a virtual environment.
* Loading of DLL files as virtual DLL files without using API functions. The ForcedVirtualLoadPaths parameter loads external system DLL files that depend on DLL files inside the package.
* Product interface updates to improve usability and link to video and documentation information. German and Japanese versions of the ThinApp User's Guide are available.


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