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Virtual Machine MKS Client

Alles zum Virtualisierungsmanagement und Servermanagement, was nicht direkt in ein festes Version-Schema paßt.

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Virtual Machine MKS Client

Beitragvon esloof » 26.07.2007, 11:43


I created a nice and small utility called the Virtual Machine MKS Client. With this tool you can log on to your Virtual Center server and control the power, see the status and take over the mouse keyboard and screen of your virtual machines. You can download it from my website http://www.ntpro.nl

Mit freundlichem Gruß,

Eric Sloof

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Beitragvon ostekl1 » 06.08.2007, 15:48

If I connect to my VirtualCenter Server (about 170 VMs) the MKS Client get a problem to show the VMs in a short time.

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Beitragvon esloof » 23.08.2007, 20:17

I have been on vacation to the lovely Island of Rhodes (Greece) the past tree weeks. I didn’t take my laptop with me so besides from a few posts there has been little activity regarding the Virtual Machine MKS Client. I had the opportunity to read your suggestions and think about all the new features in the new version. But first of all since nobody sponsored the development I created a commercial version. The trial version shows a maximum of 16 virtual machines and the registered version has no limit. I added a combo box where you can type in the name of the virtual machine with an alphabetic list. You can also customize the menu bar by enabling or disable menu items from the registry. The last feature I added is the PreSelectVM registry key. After logging on to the server this VM is automatically connected. You can find all the keys involved at the hive HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\NTPRO.NL\Virtual Machine MKS Client. You can find the download link for the Virtual Machine MKS Client v1.9 in the software menu item of my blog.

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