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All you ever wanted to know about Virtual Machines

Anything goes ;)

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All you ever wanted to know about Virtual Machines

Beitragvon bkorsten » 06.08.2004, 08:48


My german is not that well (even for a dutch guy :) ). I have a blog on Virtualization. On this blog I try to collect everything on these subjects :

- Interviews (published and my own)
- Biographies (get to know the people behind virtualization)
- White Papers (one of the largest collections, and it free !)
- Slide Shows
- reviews (product vs product)
- Literature
- Update & Patches
- Tools & Utilities

The main focus is on VMware and IBM, but I also report on Microsoft and Platespin.

The blog is in english btw :)

Hope you all like it !

Cheers !

Bart ( http://www.virtual-machines.nl )

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Beitragvon gsx² » 13.08.2004, 11:24

thanks for your great work !
i checked out alessandros www.virtualization.info and found your blog already under his links

keep bloggin on

regards peter

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